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The double EP 'First Take' is Nicole Jaey's debut release. The blue "Part 1" is focused on house and pop music and contains the radio FM4 featured song "Gentle Shiver" and
the collaborational track with house producer caTekk "New World". "Part 2" sounds much heavier and rougher - something for the lovers of bass & club music. All productions, lyrics and vocals are made by Nicole Jaey herself.


'Jaeyn' is the first collaboration between Nicole Jaey and Harry Jen. As both artists are singer and producer, the album is a constant back and forth of both doing each. On the surface, though, the tendency is more towards Nicole Jaey singing and Harry Jen producing.
With 'Wannaplay', a massive dubstep hymn, being the first collaborative work from late 2012 it was soon clear that more had to follow, although not entirely clear, what the product would look like. First it was only a couple of remixes on each others' releases, later it turned out to be enough coherent material for more, so the idea of a collective record was born. This early stage of the collaboration can still be observed in the fact that the album contains remixes, originals and reworks of their own work, side by side.
As tangled as the thread that runs through the album is, as colorful is the palette of influences that can be heard. Dubstep was only the beginning, followed by tracks containing elements from styles as diverse as soul, pop, wonky, house, chill trap and future garage. The common ground is always the electronic music background that both artists come from.

Buy all Releases as digital download on iTunes, Beatport, Juno & co., order the physical CDs via Bandcamp or buy it at Substance recordstore in Vienna/Westbahnstrasse 16.
Get Trap High for free via Nicole Jaey's Facebookpage.

Thank you for listening!

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